DavaIndia is an online portal that helps people access generic alternatives to the costlier branded medicines available in the market. Generic medicines contain the same ingredient as used in the branded medicines, with comparable strength and similar effectiveness to treat the concern.

DavaIndia is a division of Zota Healthcare Pvt. Ltd that among its wide ranges of Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical medicines also manufactures a range of generic medicines at extremely reasonable prices.

Ever since its inception, ZOTA Group’s tormenting desire is to serve the mankind, care for lives and to promote better health using technology and years of research. DavaIndia, following the Group’s philosophy, has been an effort to make affordable medicines available to the masses.

Through our online portal, you will be able to check out alternatives to the medicines you require and easily locate their availability at a store near you.

Currently we offer generic alternative range to treat ailments concerning cardiac arrest and diabetes.